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Infusion therapy is a vital solution for patients with fluid and volume replacement needs. It involves the use of infusion solutions to treat intravascular and/or extracellular fluid volume deficiencies due to cutaneous, enteral, or renal losses. Crystalloid infusion solutions are often used to balance extracellular fluid deficiency.

In some cases, acute loss of intravascular fluids can result in life-threatening situations. To address acute volume loss, colloidal infusion solutions can also be used alongside crystalloid infusion solutions, to replace the corresponding loss of intravascular volume.

The success of infusion therapy depends on the safe and efficient administration of the infusion solution. From venepuncture to the actual infusion, all components of the infusion system play a crucial role in infusion therapy.

B. Braun’s high-quality veterinary IV supplies can help promote safe administration of infusion treatment.

Infusion Therapy

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Our selection of IV medical supplies includes a variety of IV catheters, central venous lines, IV administration setsextension sets, needle-free devices, and different solutions for infusion therapy to cater to the needs of every patient.

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