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Tevadaptor’s patented double membrane system ‘TOXI-GUARD®’ is located inside the Tevadaptor vial adaptor.

The TOXI-GUARD® double membrane layer consists of a 0.2 μm membrane and adjacent activated charcoal cloth membrane.

The 0.2 μm membrane mechanically prohibits the transfer of contaminates into the vial system, including bacteria and virus’ from the external environment.(1)

The charcoal membrane helps prevent the escape of drug components into the environment during the reconstitution phase such as solid liquid drops, aerosols and hazardous drug vapour. Activated carbon adsorbs medium and large sized polar organic molecules such as those of antineoplastic drugs.(2)

The TOXI-GUARD® system also allows pressure equalisation within the drug vial during use. This helps eliminate creation of any over pressure in the vial and potential aerosol formation. This design can also help reduce repetitive strain injuries when carrying out multiple vial reconstitutions.

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