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Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists have invested in 15 syringe drivers and 45 intravenous fluid pumps from B. Braun Medical Ltd through a newly formed partnership with DMS Veterinary.

The Space Infusion pumps are small, lightweight and have multiple safety features. They stack neatly for charging, clipping together so that in our situation where we have many pumps, we don’t need to have as many leads trailing to sockets. They have a long battery life and are easy to clip off the rail on the kennel and return to the charging stack every 8-12 hours.

Safety features include detection of air in the line and safety programmes to ensure that incorrect rates cannot be accidentally administered for critical drugs. We have pre-set a drug library to calculate continuous rate infusions at patient-side, helping to reduce the risk of human error in calculations.

The pump system has numerous safety features helping to prevent errors and making flow rate calculations automatically. Boluses are easily administered with a one touch process and automatically stop with no need to watch them. Dedicated giving sets ensure that free flow after disconnection is prevented and the bag spike can be protected for safe disposal.