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Needlestick Injuries

Accidental needlestick injuries (NSIs) constitute a major occupational hazard for healthcare workers handling sharp medical devices:

  • 40% of needlestick injuries happen to the person who was not the original user of the sharp1
  • The HBV vaccine is highly effective, however no vaccine exists to prevent HCV2
  • The risk of acquiring a blood borne virus is 1:30 HCV 1:300 HIV3
  • HBV can survive outside the body for up to 7 days4
  • HCV can survive outside the body for up to 4 days5
  • 48% of nurses suffer a needlestick injury in the course of their career6


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EU Directive

The Council of The European Union adopted a Directive to prevent injuries and infections to health-care workers from sharp objects such as needlesticks - one of the most serious health and safety threats in European workplaces, estimated to cause 1 million injuries each year.

Safety Mechanism

Safety Mechanism

Press the button on top of the device and

Pull the needle hub backwards until the audible

Practice Suggestions

Safety you can feel and hear

1. Venepuncture
Prior to venepuncture, disinfect the puncture site according to protocol. Hold the needle by its folded wings and start  the insertion at a 10°-20° angle. Flashback will confirm successful venepuncture.

2. Fixation
With unfolded wings, secure the hub of the Venofix® Safety with tape while making sure that the safety mechanism is not hindered.

3. Activation of saftey mechanism
Cover the puncture site with a gauze pad in one hand. With the other hand, activate the safety mechanism by gently pressing the button on top of the device with the index finger. Withdraw the plastic hub and needle with thumb and middle finger back into the housing until a slight snap is felt and an audible “click” is heard.

4. Disposal
Dispose of the used Venofix® Safety in an approved sharps disposal container.

User benefits

Advanced Safety …

Venofix® Safety allows for a smooth in-vein activation of its safety feature and offers an integrated finger stopper to prevent the index finger from slipping towards the needle tip. Activation of the safety mechanism is confirmed when an audible “click” is heard.

… Intuitive Handling …

The safety feature of the B. Braun Venofix® Safety is simple, intuitive and does not require any change in venepuncture technique. It can be easily activated with one hand by pressing the button situated on top of the device and pulling the needle backwards into the needle hub until an audible "click" is heard.

… and Convenience!

The micro-siliconised precision bevel on Venofix® Safety aids venepuncture, even in difficult vein conditions, helping improve patient comfort by reducung the requirement for re-cannulation. Rapid confirmation of venous access is visible through the transparent hub. The large flexible wings allow convenient handling and fixation.


Sharpen your safety awareness against needlesticks

1. Precision bevel
Micro-siliconised to facilitate needle insertion.
Low penetration force to help improve patient comfort.

2. Safety feature
Simple and smooth in-vein activation to prevent against the risk of needlestick injuries:
Integrated finger-stopper to avoid slipping toward the needle tip.
Easy one hand activation does not require any change in venepuncture technique.
Activation of the safety mechanism is confirmed when an audible "click" is heard.

3. Flexible wings
Large and interlocking, equipped with a special grip to allow firm placement and facilitate venous access.
Very soft and flexible for comfortable stabilisation on the patient´s skin.

4. Flashback chamber
Transparent for quick and easy visualisation of blood flashback upon needle insertion.

5. DEHP-free tubing
Flexible and kink-resistant to avoid accidental interruption of the therapy

Product Specifications

Venofix® Safety offers an intuitive and convenient product for short-term infusion, injection, transfusion and blood collection, in compliance with DIN ISO 23908. Wings and packaging are color-coded for easy and fast identification of the gauge sizes.