CO2 Insufflator Flow 50

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High Flow Insufflator with smoke evacuation

The Flow 50 High Flow Insufflator, with a flow rate of 50 liters, is versatile and – thanks to its various indication modes – can be used in visceral surgery, bariatric surgery, pediatrics, endoscopically assisted cardiac surgery and endoscopic vein removal. Additionally it offers an integrated smoke evacuation and an optional gas heating function.

Increased patient safety

  • Safer and quicker construction of the cavity with a maximum gas flow of 50 l/min
  • Gas heating helps prevent hypothermia
  • All patient-relevant values are displayed on the touch display

Increased user safety

  • Clear and smoke-free image due to the smoke evacuation in the OP field
  • Reduction of harmful gases through activated carbon filtering
  • Gas heating reduces fogging of the optics

Improved user comfort

  • Touch-sensitive 5.7“ touch screen with clear text and intuitive control concept
  • Universal connection for central and gas bottle supply
  • Switching valve for connection of two gas bottles
  • Four predefined indications


  • Indication-specific user profile with personal settings for starting pressure, starting flow, intensity, volume and timer for smoke evacuation