Reusable and Hybrid Trocar System

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A combination of single-use and reusable components

The new Aesculap Trocar Solution offers the advantages of reusable trocars combined with the high functionality of single-use components.


Available Components

5, 10, 12 mm reusable trocar sleeves and the choice of trocar pins and sealing units in reusable of single-use version.


Convenient, Safe, Cost effective

  • A system that is especially easy to handle and meets all requirements towards a trocar system
  • Patient and user safety are essential requirements towards the new trocar system
  • An exceptional price-performance ratio ensures a high return on investment

Simple, Exceptional, Modular

  • Suitable for linear staplers
  • Low instrument friction
  • Firm hold in the abdominal wall
  • Easy to clean, as the system can be fully disassembled
  • Excellent tactile feedback during insertion into the abdomen
  • Low space requirement through slender trocar design
  • Exceptional ergonomic properties and optimal weight distribution
  • Individual combination of the system based on a reusable trocar sleeve
  • Choice between a single-use sealing with flap converter and reusable sealing units
  • Choice between single-use dilating trocar pins and reusable standard trocar pins


  • Laparoscopic Indications (General Surgery, Gynaecology, Urology)