Intrafix® SafeSet

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Premium IV administration set providing high safety and efficiency

High-sophisticated, vented IV administration set with new features AirStop and PrimeStop.
For gravity infusion and pressure infusion with defined, non-dedicated infusion pumps (pressure resistant up to 2 bar).

Basic Product Features
(for technical details and their specific benefits see specifications of Intrafix Primeline)

  • Ergonomically designed 3-part drip chamber for comfortable, secure handling
  • Advanced precise roller clamp
  • Soft, clear PVC tubing with new type of safe plasticizer

Key Product Features

  • AirStop: an innovative, hydrophilic depth filter membrane ensuring AirStop safety in case of emptied fluid container. Maintains the tubing completely filled with fluid. Works further as a particle filter with a filtration efficiency of 15 µm and even lower.
  • PrimeStop: a protective cap lined with a bacteria-tight hydrophobic membrane placed on the Luer Lock fitting, stops fluid leaking and protects against contamination. PrimeStop automates priming and ends messy dripping.

Intrafix SafeSet helps prevent air infusion and infusion-related infection, reduces work load, saves time and costs and ensures a closed system during priming.

Options of standard add-on features

  • Needle-based, air-free Eurofix® injection site with handy safe grip plate
  • Safe, needle-free injection valve SafeFlow
  • Discofix® stopcocks for needle-free injection, aspiration and parallel infusion
  • Infuvalve® back check valve preventing backflow of solutions and blood
  • Neutrapur® tubing material PVC free
  • Various tubing lengths for better patient mobility and others

All design features in accordance with International Standard ISO 8534-4/8,
(Infusion sets for single use, gravity feed /Infusion equipment for Pressure Infusion)