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Premium IV-Administration Set with AirStop & PrimeStop

IV-administration set for the application of IV solutions and drugs.

Universal IV-administration set with air vent for gravity infusions and pressure infusions with non-dedicated infusion pumps (pressure resistant up to 2 bar P-Sets).


User benefits:
  • Bacteria-tight air vent, with snap cap1
  • Universally suitable also as a non-dedicated IV-Set for appropriate infusion pumps. Proven up to 2 bar positive pressure. (Intrafix® P)
  • Drip Chamber: The large filter area retains particles >= 15µm

Pediatric Use:

  • The device can be used for all patients for which infusion therapy is prescribed. No gender or age related limitations. Intrafix® SafeSet can be used for adults, pediatric and neonates.


  • Tube: Intrafix® IV set comes with tubing made with PVC but DEHP-free, optionally also PVC-free.
  • Tube: Neutrapur® PVC-free particularly patient-friendly. No plasticizer leachables.

Convenient handling:

  • Universal, clear ISO Spike – Easy to spike
  • Luer-Lock connector with PrimeStop Cap. Ensures automatic priming and prevents fluid from dripping out. Maintains closed system until connected to the patient.1

Technical characteristics:

  • Long drop former, 20 dr. ≈ 1 ml
  • Highly transparent dome design. Good to see drop forming.
  • Screw-tight luer-lock fitting. For safe connection to the patient access
  • Bacteria-tight air vent, with snap cap
  • Drip chamber PVC-free
  • Particle filter 15µm

Handling Advices:

  • Comfortable tube dock. Patient connector and the tubing can be hooked into the side notch after priming for stand-by procedures.

Options of standard add-on-devices, examples

  • Needle-free injection valves
  • Discofix® stopcocks for needle free injection, aspiration and parallel infusion
  • Infuvalve® back check valve preventing backflow of solutions and blood
  • Neutrapur® tubing material PVC free (pressure resistant, but not pump-compatible!) - free of halogene, e.g. chlorine, free of plasticizer
  • Various tubing lengths for better patient mobility and others

1Closed system test by means of Sodium Fluorescein signed by Dr. rer. nat. J. Brünke Quality Labs BT GmbH Nuremberg, Report 1678.3, 28.05.2013