Single Use Trocar System

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Complete trocar system for swift application during surgery

The new Aesculap Single Use Trocar Solution offers the advantages and high functionality of single-use products.

Available Components
5, 10, 12 mm Single Use Trocar Sleeves, dilating trocar pins and/ or complete trocar sets in different lengths.


Convenient – supporting the surgeon
A system that is especially easy to handle and meets all requirements towards a trocar system.

Safe – for the patient
Patient and user safety are essential requirements towards the new trocar system.

Functional – to everyone’s satisfaction
Sterile supply, X-ray transparency and low weight are key characteristics of the system’s high functionality.

Low space requirement
Thanks to the spacesaving, slender trocar design.

Firm hold in the abdominal wall
When changing instruments and during intraoperative work procedures.

Low instrument friction
Enables easy, fatigue-free work.


  • Laparoscopic Indications (General Surgery, Gynaecology, Urology)